Of all the cuts of Pork available to us, in my humble opinion, the belly is without doubt the best,  I’m going to add some oriental flavour to this dish, but it’s by no means authentic, so please don’t be contacting me asking me what on earth do I think I’m playing at again? I just like the flavours

Shopping list

A 1.5kg piece of belly Pork with skin on, cut into chunks 

1.5 litres of chicken stock 

2 bunches of spring onions 

100 ml of light soy sauce 

100 ml of Chinese rice wine 

50 ml of rice wine vinegar 

About 2 tablespoons of soft brown sugar 

4 star anise 

A piece of fresh ginger peeled and cut into thin slices 

A good pinch of dried chilli flakes 


1. Put the belly Pork into a pan and cover with boiling water, simmer for 5 minutes skimming off any scum from the surface 

2. Drain into a colander 

3. Return the pork to the pan and cover with the chicken stock 

4. Now add the soy sauce, rice wine, vinegar, sugar, star anise, ginger and the chilli flakes 

5. Bring slowly to the boil, reduce the heat to a simmer, cover with a lid and cook for 3 hours 

6. Remove the pork with a spoon and set aside

7. Skim as much fat from the stock as possible 

8. Reduce the stock to a syrupy consistency, it’ll have a fantastic Aromatic smell 

9. Thinly slice the spring onions, return the pork to the sauce, and warm through 

10. Serve immediately with steamed rice and scatter over the spring onions 

Happy cooking 


Written by Jon Fell

Head Chef Rosehill Theatre, Chef on the Simply Good Food TV app, run a Seafood Cookery Class at Peter Sidwell Cookery School, Newspaper food columnist

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